Meet the team

YeagerDaddy (CT)

Lead Developer for Yeager Inu

Yeager Inu is an ERC-20 token inspired by two key factors: the passion for our much-beloved collectible card games and building a loyal and trusted crypto community.

Our lead dev, CT, is a former competitive gamer and NFT artist. CT’s passions come to life in the form of Yeager Inu, which gives a chance for holders to get the rush of nostalgia by playing our Play-2-Earn (P2E) NFT card game ("YeagerArena") and the opportunity to provide NFT artists a platform to showcase their masterpieces.

Not to mention the core of Yeager Inu is a skilled, crypto-experienced team focused on building the Yeager Inu brand—and erasing zeroes.

Yeager B

Marketing Developer

I am a successful business owner grossing over $500K a year. During my free time, I research and dabble in crypto. Now as the marketing dev, however, I’ll be focused on supporting the grow of Yeager Inu.

​ I’m always traveling the United States, so CT and I have already began working on plans to market Yeager inu brand.

​ My goal is to help Yeager Inu grow and sustain, so that the future Yeager Inu holder knows that their investment is safe!

Viking Aries

Art Developer

I am an avid gamer and always looking for a challenge. I enjoy Norse and Greek mythology. I like being able to see my ideas of monsters and gods in the gaming world. I look forward to working with all of you and hope you enjoy what I will bring to the team.

Game Sly

Community Developer

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Ron B.

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