Yeager inu

Yeager Inu is a community-driven ERC-20 token focused on creating a P2E NFT card game with unique mecha-based heros, Yeagers, and alien enemies, Nvaders.

About Project

Yeager inu

Yeager Inu is an ERC-20 token inspired by two key factors: the passion for our much-beloved collectible card games and building a loyal and trusted crypto community.

Our lead dev, CT, is a former competitive gamer and NFT artist. CT’s passions come to life in the form of Yeager Inu, which gives a chance for holders to get the rush of nostalgia by playing our Play-2-Earn (P2E) NFT card game ("YeagerArena") and the opportunity to provide NFT artists a platform to showcase their masterpieces.

Not to mention the core of Yeager Inu is a skilled, crypto-experienced team focused on building the Yeager Inu brand—and erasing zeroes.

A full audit was performed with TechRate on 12/2/2021. View Audit


Max Supply: 100 quadrillion

45% of the supply (45 quad) was burned at launch, making the circulating supply 55 quadrillion. 5% of the supply is reserved for our Play-2-Earn platform.

A key component of the tokenomics is the decentralized usage rewards mechanism powered by a 10% tax applied to every transaction. Here is how that 10% tax will be applied:

10% Tax will be applied

A key component of the tokenomics is the decentralized usage rewards mechanism powered by a 10% tax applied to every transaction. Here is how that 10% tax will be applied


01 Launch

  • Website Launch
  • 1,000 Holders
  • CoinGecko Listing
  • CoinMarketCap Listing

02 Growth

  • Website Redeisgn
  • Release of YeagerArena (Play-2-Earn NFT Card Game)
  • Release of YeagerMarket (NFT Marketplace)
  • Initiate a Certik Audit
  • 5,000 Holders
  • 2.5% Reflections for holders once @ $50M MC

03 Expansion

  • Initial CEX Listing (Hotbit, Bilaxy,
  • Release of YeagerArena SunMoon Expansion
  • 10,000 Holders
  • 3% Reflections for holders once @ $100M MC

04 Utility

  • YeagerSwap (1% for charity and lower taxes)
  • Listing on
  • Listing on
  • Release of next expansion for YeagerArena
  • More CEX Listings
  • 20,000 Holders
  • 3.5% Reflections for holders once @ $150M MC


The timeline of our YeagerVerse starts in the year 3030. Earth has been invaded by a mysterious group of extra-terrestrials known as the “Nvaders.” With their nearly limitless and evolving powers, the Nvaders have managed to overrun 80% of the Earth’s habitable areas and resources.

In response, a global program called Yeager Intergalactic Nvaders Unit (INU) has been established to prevent the Nvaders from decimating the entire planet. As part of this initiative, Lukas Yeager, a renowned engineer, has developed Mecha suits to help the remaining human colonies survive the Nvaders’ apocalyptic offensive.

The Yeagers have special powers of their own: the ability to shift to TITAN mode allowing faster and stronger output of power with enhanced ability. But TITAN mode must be used sparingly, as it leads to significant exhaustion and, ultimately, failure.

Yeager INU have established colonies globally. You will find that each colony has customized and adopted their own Yeager values and skills. The only remaining question is which side are you on? Will you join the Nvaders and feel the power of overwhelming Earth with your extra-terrestrial abilities? Or will you join the Yeager INU and become the planet’s last hope for avoiding total annihilation. Think it through carefully, as the choice will soon be yours . . . .



Our project is fully audited by TechRate and plans for an audit by Certik as per the roadmap. Yeager Inu plans to market through Telegram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, Reddit, and other social media. We plan to have several key partnerships to support the development of NFTs, music and overall utility. As our holders continue to grow and Yeager Inu crosses certain market caps, we will provide holders a larger percentage reflections. Our team is also supported by experience cryptocurrency investors, developers, marketers, and enthusiasts.

YeagerArena revolves around a metaverse of mecha-based heros, Yeagers, defending earth against alien invaders, Nvaders.

YeagerArena will have customizable decks based on Yeagers and Nvaders coupled with artifact cards. Our target market is people over the age of eight. An initial basic pack will be released as part of phase 2 and the next expansion pack will be in phase 3. INU-Arena is in the initial stages of design and has plans to develop a beta version to test game play and likeability.

Submit Artwork

If your interested in submitting your artwork, fill out the form below and we will get back to you with a link to submit your work.


The contract is not renounced, but for good reasons based on our experience in this space. We need to have flexibility to adjust items such as taxes in the future to match the market conditions, our growth phase, and marketing events. For example, in order for Yeager Inu holders to receive the full benefits of certain items, such as zero taxes during marketing events and double reflections on reaching milestones, we need to be in control of the contract to enable these rewards. Rest assured, thought, a TechRate Audit has been carried out.

To be updated after launch

45,000,000,000,000,000 has been burned to a dead wallet.

The liquidity is licked for a minimum of 6 months.

As mentioned, our team is transparent, but we have no initial plans to doxx. If Yeager Inu hits a certain market cap, the dev team will seriously consider doxxing.

Yes. Yeager Inu already has a 1% burn per transaction and does plan to buy back tokens. It is important to understand that the reason we have burns and buybacks is to drive up the value of Yeager Inu. 

  • Burning – removing circulating tokens and sending to a dead wallet
  • Buybacks – removing circulating tokens by buying back Yeager Inu to keep within the marketing wallet.

Yes. Yeager Inu has a private sale from seed investors to fund this project 10% of the total supply was put aside for this private sale. Each of the investors have been given 30% of their allotted share week 1. The rest of the 70% will be distributed to the seed investors over the course of 5 weeks from wallet [to be updated].

The audit was executed prior to launching the contract on the ETH blockchain network. Our team wanted to ensure we had a solid and SAFU launch.

Yes. Yeager Inu will submit their contract to be audited by Certik within the first few weeks of launch.